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There’s something nostalgic and special about spending a weekend by a lake. The phrase “heading to the lake” evokes childhood images of toasting marshmallows over a campfire by the quiet water, cannonballing off a dock and falling asleep to a chorus of frogs, crickets and owls drifting through your cabin or cottage window.

Lake trips are about slowing down, relaxing and taking time to savor life. VTrips takes the traditional lake getaway to the next level by making it easy for you to do just that. Our lakeside retreats in Tennessee, New Mexico, Texas, South Carolina, Maryland and other locations are furnished with everything you need to enjoy yourself to the utmost!

In addition to picturesque water views and breathtaking natural scenery, VTrips vacation homes, cabins and condos are clean, comfortable and convenient as well as peaceful and beautifully decorated inside and out. Ready to luxuriate in lakeside living? Book your lake retreat through VTrips for a trip that will last a lifetime!
Additional Information
VTrips Vacation Rentals On A Lake
  • Choose fully furnished rentals on or near private and public lakes.
  • Find cabins, cottages, homes and condos near or on lakes in Maryland, Tennessee, Florida, New Mexico and more.
  • Private homes and condos include great amenities (including decks, fire pits, Jacuzzis and game rooms).

Lake Vacation Rentals by VTrips